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On 8-30-13 there was a question about the availability form. The answer was-
"Go to the "Forms" section, located in the left hand column, of the MTL website. At the bottom of this page, there will be a section describing how to list availability" I don't see the section describing how to list availability. I am a co-captain and we would like to use this availability form
without our members having to keep track of the link. They may need to update their availability at any time.
Thank you.


All team captains and co-captains have access to the Player Availability Module through the Captains’ Court under Team Captain Services. To have your team enter their availability, click on “Player Availability” in the right hand column under Team Captain Services. This will give you a customized URL link to send to your team. Your team schedule must be entered before you send out the link to your team. Please advise your team to keep a copy of this URL (have them save the page on their computers) so they can update their availability throughout the season. Each team member should click on their name and if they are NOT available for a particular match they must click on the little box to the right of that match date. The click the Update button on the left. The home screen will then show the match date in RED meaning that the player is NOT AVAILABLE. This system assumes that you are available unless you post otherwise. You can also post that you are unavailable for either a 9:00 am match or a 10:15 match.

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